Charcuterie Bundle


Sample from four unique cheeses like the Golden Gouda from Mountain Oak Cheeses, a full flavoured farmstead gouda that exudes hints of butterscotch and caramel, the Wild Nettle Gouda also from Mountain Oak & offers up herbal, earthy flavours, the 3 year aged cheddar from Thornloe Cheese and a mild, creamy French Brie.

Indulge in traditional Italian Salami Al Prosciutto and Caccitorino slices hand crafted by Niagara Food Specialties and enjoy a little sweetness from dried apricots & figs, dills and locally-made Cherry Merlot Jelly.

Bring it all together with Willow Cakes & Pastries’ crostinis and salty pretzels.

The Wine:

Choose a wine from a selection of our unique blends and distinctive single varietals.

  • Jack Rabbit White
  • Jack Rabbit Rosé
  • Jack Rabbit Red
  • Jack Rabbit Special Edition Red
  • Crown Land White
  • Frontier Pinot Grigio

Select your wine at checkout.

The Bar:

From a selection of the finest milk, dark and white chocolate, find the Donini Chocolate Bar of your preference to wrap up your Charcuterie Bundle!



A wine experience but to-go! Available for pick-up only between 11am and 4pm daily. Great for date night!

Please indicate in the Checkout Notes Section your pick-up date & time.


  • Takeout Charcuterie Box,
  • A bottle of Hare wine (select at pick-up),
  • A Donini chocolate bar (select at pick-up)

We’ve got your at home charcuterie essentials covered.
The Charcuterie Bundle is loaded with artisanal meats & cheeses, locally made crostinis, dried fruits, sweet dills & salty pretzels!

Included is a bottle of your choice from our Jack Rabbit Series (red, white or Rosé), the Crown Land White or Frontier Pinot Grigio. Plus a decadent Donini Chocolate Bar.