Jack Rabbit Series
Crown Land Series
Frontier Collection
Noble Collection

Our Wines

Premium VQA wines are crafted to be balanced, bold blends and are appropriately accompanied by premium varietal Icewines. These distinctive blends and award winning varietal Icewines will weave a tapestry of stories, a montage, telling of both the vintage and historical good fortune and fertility of our region.

Our Winemaker

Our award-winning winemaker and our Assistant Cellar Master, Alina Trefry, use expertise, creativity and passion to craft our unique and expressive wine blends. Their guiding hands will harness the moods of Mother Nature as they look at each vintage carefully to create wines that will showcase the best attributes of each year’s harvest.

In winter, they look to tame mother nature when they wait for the perfect moment in time to pick our Icewines, nature’s gift to Niagara. The exact temperature of -8 degrees Celsius will be nature’s cue to harvest the intensely flavoured sweet berries.

A Blend of Fertility & Good Fortune

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