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Our Story

The Hare, fittingly a symbol of fertility and good fortune is also the namesake of owner John Hare. While John had dreamed in his youth to own not a winery, but a brewery, it was serendipitous that after years of working abroad in the supply chain of food and beverage, he met a local winemaker’s daughter. Needless to say, John set his sights on moving back to his hometown of Niagara and his new vision of producing 100% VQA small batch premium wines became a reality.

Our Wines

Jack Rabbit Series
Crown Land Series
Frontier Collection
Noble Collection

Our vineyard is located in Niagara-on-the-Lake within a designated speciality crop area where premium vinifera grape varieties can be grown alongside tender fruits. We produce only 100% VQA Ontario wines, crafting balanced and bold blends that are appropriately accompanied by premium varietal Icewines. 

The hare symbolizes the fertility of our lands, with diverse flora and fauna, making Niagara a superior wine producing region and contributing to our distinctive wine character. Hares are viewed as animals that are strongly connected to and reliant on the earth, much like grape growers and winemakers.
Rabbit symbols are tied to the changing of the seasons, which is a time of transformation and new beginnings. In addition to the strong symbolism of fertility, the hare represents good fortune, prosperity and new opportunities; all things we desire for our community and our guests.

Experiences, Well Poured

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