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Looking for an authentic Bulgarian Wine made by a True Bulgarian?

John Hare is a second generation Bulgarian who is an owner of The Hare Wine Company.

We have imported an amazing Cabernet Sauvignon from the Black Sea region of Bulgaria and combined this with our local Niagara-on-the-Lake Cabernet Sauvignon to bring you our newest release - Haretage!

This rich and delicious wine plays tribute to John's Bulgarian family roots, and possesses aromas of dark cherry and red plums.




Some of our fondest memories are when we share wine and a traditional meal with our family and close friends.

When we gather, we often speak; with fondness, of our parents, aunts, uncles, and especially our beloved grandparents.  Inevitably, our heritage becomes a part of our conversation, and we love to share treasured memories of our background and family history.

We hope when you chose this delicious bottle of our Haretage Cabernet Sauvignon, you will share the history of your family, laugh over stories both new and old, build deeper connections, and be transported back in time and reminisce over many of your family memories of the new world here in Canada and of course, your Bulgarian heritage.

The 2021 Haretage Cabernet Sauvignon celebrates the memories of the past with the stories and opportunities of today Наздраве<i>!</i>

40 Years Later - He Returns

In 1997, 40 years after my grandfather’s pilgrimage to Bulgaria, I ventured to the little village of Kochovo, where both my grandparents were born.

My curiosity about my Bulgarian heritage stemmed from the many letters and pictures that were shared through generations of correspondence between relatives. 

I decided to ventured off to the old country to visit my roots just as my grandfather did, many years ago. Initially, I was expecting to only meet four family members – the elder being my grandfather’s niece, her daughter, and two grandchildren. 

But, to my pleasant surprise, there were many more relatives that had heard of my visit and came to the village to share stories of the past and to hear stories of the family who migrated to Canada after the war.

We shared many stories and conversations over simple traditional meals, many of then accompanied with wine made in the village, and of course….rakia.

In 2016, The Hare Wine Company was opened and since that day, it has been a dream of mine to somehow connect the old world with the new world. 

In 2023, this became a reality – when we released Haretage – a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon from both worlds. 

The newly released 2021 Haretage Cabernet Sauvignon is the manifestation of this dream, a tribute to my Bulgarian heritage.


Try Our 2021 Haretage Cabernet Sauvignon

I would like to offer you an opportunity to try this beautiful new Cabernet Sauvignon for a special price of $30 / bottle when you purchase 2 or more. Please follow the link below to find out more.


The Wine

Haretage – 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon

Haretage is a blend of 75% Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Niagara Cabernet Sauvignon producing a medium-bodied, fruit forward beautiful wine.  On the nose you will sense black cherry, red currant, and violets.  On the palate, Haretage offers blackberry, cocoa, and a lightly smokey finish.

Haretage pairs well with Peppercorn Steak, BBQ Ribs, Bold Cheddar, and Grana Padano cheese and Feta Cheese.

While John and The Hare have won many international awards for their wines, John is most proud of this bottle of Haretage  – inspired by his family roots.

The Experience

When planning your next trip to Niagara-On-The-Lake, please find the time to come and visit us at The Hare.  The winery is inspired by John’s many trips to Bulgaria and Europe, the building is spacious, intimate, warm and comfortable atmosphere, creating a wonderful back drop for sharing stories with family and friends.

Come to Niagara-On-The-Lake and visit the ONLY Bulgarian Winery in Canada – The Hare Wine Co. Inspired by John’s many trips to Bulgaria and Europe, the building is spacious and and warm creating a wonderful back drop for intimate gatherings, weddings, celebrations, or corporate events.

Once here, try a glass of our Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon – the 2021 Haretage

Or if you wish to sample with our other wines, book a tasting where our wine experts will guide you through a tasting experience. 

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