Let Us Help You With Your Dry Wine Selection

Dry January is your opportunity to enjoy some amazing dry wines from The Hare.

So what is a "Dry Wine"?

“Dry” refers to the perceived taste the wine leaves in your mouth because it contains low levels of residual sugar after fermentation. In contrast, sweet wine will have higher residual sugar.

When our winemaker allows the yeast to consume all the wine’s residual sugar during the fermentation process, the resulting absence of sugary sweetness leaves a delicious dry wine.

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The Hare Dry Wines...

Is it Dry?

Many people typically consider white wine as sweet and reds to be dry…but this is not always the case.  It all depends on many factors, but primarily the grape varietal and what the winemaker has as their vision for the wines they purvey.

In the chart below; provided by ingoodtaste.com, we see that both red and white have various degrees of sweetness or dryness.

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As you can see, for whites, Pino Grigio, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc would be the driest Hare wines.  And for our reds, we offer Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Neither grape varietal is considered sweet, but Merlot tends to have more fruit-forward flavors making it seem sweeter. 

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Stock Up This Dry January

Invite your friends and family over and Be Dry together!

We find that, sometimes, the best way to get through a Dry January is to Share The Hare with friends and family.  To that end, we’ve pulled together a fantastic offer for you and your inner circle.

We’re bringing our $30 off case promotion for this January AND,  we’re including free shipping within the GTHA on each case order.

Choose three of each the four Dry wines OR, mix and match with sweet, medium and dry. Whatever you want to help you through this Dry January.

To start your order today, hop on over to our online store.

This is a Dry January offer only.

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