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Empty Wine Bottle Ideas

Wine bottles are exceptionally versatile and can be utilized in many creative projects. So, no need to throw them out in the recycling.

We’ve compiled some of the best ways to artistically recycle wine bottles to give them a new purpose – be it a centerpiece, new light fixtures, or a bird feeder. Here are some DIY wine bottle crafts for repurposing your old wine bottles. Let them be your source of inspiration to create something unique for your next DIY project.

Transforming Empty Wine Bottles Into New, Valuable Items

Some of these upcycled DIY wine bottle craft ideas are pretty easy. They can be created even with only a bit of paint, a glue gun, your vivid imagination, and a sprinkle of creativity.

Lace Trim Wine Bottle Vase

These elegant, reinvented wine bottles are perfect to use as a vase, a bridal shower, or a bachelorette party centerpiece. For this look, spray paint your wine bottles with any colour. Once dried, apply a hot glue gun and add lace trim to give it a girly element.

Number of Wine Bottles Per Person

Offering half a bottle of wine per person is common, and is a good rule of thumb as a minimum unless you know several guests don’t drink wine.

Some weddings are a little more extravagant, and certain groups are more likely to drink more for the big occasion. If you have some keen wine drinkers in your group, or you want to be sure that everyone will get some, providing two-thirds of a bottle of wine per person may be better. This also helps cover if there are some people that rarely drink, but may have some wine to celebrate your special day.

Yarn-Wrapped Glass Bottle Vases

This yarn-wrapped bottle vase is budget-friendly and adds a beautiful, dazzling, rustic touch to your table decor. Starting at the base, wrap the yarn tightly around the bottle and glue it in position. Ensure no glass lays bare. Twine is also ok for a more rustic vibe.

Painted Wine Bottle Vases

Painted bottles are a perfect way to incorporate personalized home decor and as gifts for loved ones. Get creative and employ old wine bottles like a canvas to make a lovely decoration. You can use acrylic paint, chalk paint, spray paint, or stick-on decals.

Glittering Bottles

If you love glitter crafts, this DIY wine bottle is for you. Liven up any room with these dazzling wine bottles covered with your favourite colour glitter. All you need is fine sandpaper, a clear acrylic sealer, and glitter. You’ll have a sophisticated, personalized look for wine bottles to make any occasion extra special!

Message In A Bottle

Making a message in a bottle with empty wine bottles can be a fun craft and experiment. Fill the bottles with sand, small pebbles, or seashells. Write a story, a poem, or an encouraging message, then roll it up and place a tape around it. Superglue the cork at the rim of the bottle. You now have an adorable coastal-style decorative accent.

Wine Bottle Dish Soap

Glass etching is an easy way to make stunning, durable, professional-looking glass bottle products. It’s also considerably easier than you’d think! Rinse off your wine bottle and then engrave the phrases of your choice. Finish it off with a soap dispenser attachment, and ta-da!

Wine Bottle Wall

With these recycled wine bottles, create more privacy for your backyard. Drill a hole at the bottom of every bottle, then string a metal pipe through them in a style that suits you. The sun will look stunning, radiating through all of the colours! These empty bottles will add a diverse design to your home or backyard deck.

Twinkle Wine Bottle Lights

Transforming your wine bottles into lights is a delightful and simple way to elevate any space in your home. You will need glass bottles, LED light strings, frosted glass spray paint, and wine corks. An LED light string can redesign that lavish glass bottle from a special event into a lasting keepsake.

Glass Bottles Candle Holders

Give every corner of your room a relaxing aura by modifying an entire bottle of wine into a luxury candle holder. The dripping wax on the bottles will bring a cozy and dreamlike element to the surroundings. The candle will hold on top as long as it is just the right size. It must be thick or thin enough so the candle fits tightly without falling, and creating a fire hazard.

Recycled Beer Bottle Goblets

Flip beer bottles and craft a variety of recycled bottle goblets. Cut the bottom of the bottle with a bottle cutter to create the base. Then use silicone glue to bind the mouth onto it, and now you have a sleek goblet. Sand the edges to make it safer for drinking. Because bottles come in numerous sizes, shapes, and colours, you can make a dreamy, diverse set of goblets.

Bottle Garden Edging

Add a striking and impressive detail to your garden by burying old bottles upside down to design edging for your garden beds and pathways. Simple enough for beginners; all you need is a little bit of time and elbow grease. This cool wine bottle craft will get you outdoors and prepare your garden for spring and summer picnics.

Colourful Upcycled Chandelier

This DIY wine bottle chandelier can be made in different colours – or all the same colour! But remember to match it with your home’s decor. Before you paint the bottles, you first need to cut the bottoms off. And wire each bottle with a pendant light kit.

Show Your Artistry Within Your Collection

Empty wine bottles have countless uses, so you don’t have to discard them if you already have a pretty extensive collection. You can even create a wine bottle bird feeder for feathered friends, a half-bottle planter for your small plants, or a bookshelf with wine bottle stands.

And if you’re a wine lover searching for a Niagara Winery, The Hare is the place to be. Come explore everything our Ontario estate winery has to offer.


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