These fresh and fruit-froward blends are easy drinking and ready to please a crowd. Wines and labels were designed by owner John Hare who wanted to share his discovery and the excitement of Niagara wines in an inviting way.

These racy wines appropriately bear our namesake the hare, who was nicknamed the Jack Rabbit for their long ears. But it is their long hind legs that give them their speed and propel them up to 65 kilometres per hour!

Jack Rabbit Series

Jack Rabbit White (Sauvignon Blanc & Vidal) 2017 | 750ml - $17.00
Jack Rabbit Rosé (Cabernet Sauvignon & Riesling) 2018 | 750ml - $19.00
Jack Rabbit Red (Cabernet Sauvignon) 2018 | 750ml - $20.00

Jack Rabbit White

This easy drinking blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Vidal is a perfect pairing for a hot day! This blend showcases bright citrus aromas on the nose, a light palate of stonefruit and a herbaceous undertone that finishes with crisp acidity. This wine can be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by light seafood dishes and soft cheeses.

Jack Rabbit Rosé

This gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon Rose has an exciting nose of red fruit including strawberry jam, cherry and peach undertones followed onto the palate where its light sweetness is balanced by refreshing acidity. A fantastic wine to be enjoyed on a hot day or paired with turkey, lobster or goat cheese.

Jack Rabbit Red

Jump into a glass of Jack Rabbit Red! This playful Cabernet Sauvignon dances on the nose with vibrant fruit flavours including black cherry, raspberry and a hint of vanilla. Enjoy this light, everyday wine with friends or paired with roasted chicken or jambalaya or pizza.

A Blend of Fertility & Good Fortune

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