The Hare’s most premium wines suitably are signalled by a nod to the nobility of the past who formed Canada’s original capital Newark, now Niagara on the Lake. Ultra-premium wines are distinguished with an iconic metal label of a hare representing the pride of owner John Hare.

Noble Collection

Noble Cabernet Franc (Appassimento) 2016 | 750 ml - $120.00
Noble Merlot (Appassimento) 2016 | 750 ml - $120.00

Noble Cabernet Franc (Appassimento)

This appassimento Cabernet Franc is rich, decadent, and intense. With a pallet that beautifully echoes its nose, it starts strong. It begins with deep notes of smoky campfire and black cherry with a touch of cigar box, cedar and black pepper. This rich a complex style leaves you salivating for another sip.

Noble Merlot (Appassimento)

This intense appassimento Merlot is powerful, daring and untamed. Its bold nose offers endearing notes of bright red cherry and sweet tobacco. Moving to the pallet, berries and dates come forward before allowing its French Oak maturation to showcase itself. Dark chocolate and sweet tobacco linger creating a long, rich and silky finish.

A Blend of Fertility & Good Fortune

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